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Three Ways to Change a WordPress Address


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This article shows three methods for changing a WordPress Address/URL. Including; using WP Admin; using WP Config; and directly in the database.

Create a Plain Text Menu Item in WordPress



WordPress doesn’t make it obvious, and you could be forgiven for thinking you need to use PHP or JavaScript. However this isn’t the case.

Submit Sitemap to Search Engines – SEO WordPress


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This tutorial explains how to submit your sitemap to the most popular search engines, so that they know you exists, and will index your website.

Configure Robots.txt – SEO WordPress


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In this tutorial “Configuring Robots.txt – SEO WordPress”, I explain how to configure robots.txt for your WordPress website the right way. 

SEO WordPress: The Definitive Guide


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In this tutorial, “SEO WordPress: The Definitive Guide”, I explain how to configure WordPress so that it’s search engine and social media platform ready.

What Is WordPress



WordPress is our CMS of choice. Its popularity is unmatched, powering an estimated 25% of the worlds websites. You can rest assured knowing you’re in good company.