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Create a Plain Text Menu Item in WordPress

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The Goal

When you’re creating a website navigation menu that has drop-down sub-menus in WordPress you might want to have a text only top level menu item, while maintaining the links on the sub-menu items. This tutorial will show you how to do this simply, using only standard WordPress options.

The Method

WordPress doesn’t make it obvious, and you could be forgiven for thinking you need to use PHP or JavaScript. However this isn’t the case, it’s actually a very simple task, that can be done using WordPress Admin.

  1. WP Admin Menu → Appearance → Menus
  2. In the “Edit Menus” tab, create a custom link
  3. Enter a name for the “Link Text” and a “#” for the URL (without quotes) → “Add to Menu”
  4. Drag the new menu item to its desired position and edit it to remove the “#” from the URL, this will convert the link to plain text.
  5. “Save Menu”