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SEO WordPress: The Definitive Guide

SEO for WordPress: The Definitive Guide

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The Goal

In this tutorial, “SEO WordPress: The Definitive Guide”, I explain how to configure WordPress so that it’s ready for some serious search engine optimisation (SEO). By the end your WordPress website will be search engine and social media platform ready.

94% of business website traffic begins with a search, and 81% of people are regularly using social media. Therefore, configuring your WordPress website so that it’s readable by search engine spiders and social media platforms is crucial to yours business online success, and best of all, it’s easy.

The Method

“SEO WordPress: The Definitive Guide” has been broken into a series of smaller tutorials that are best be followed sequentially, but may be completed independently as desired.

Installing and configuring WordPress

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Yoast SEO – WordPress plugin

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Configure Metas Tags – SEO WordPress

In Configure Metas Tags – SEO WordPress, I explain how to configure the meta tags for your WordPress pages, posts and taxonomies.

Configure Robots.txt – SEO WordPress

In Configuring Robots.txt – SEO WordPress, I explain how to configure robots.txt for your WordPress website the right way.

Create sitemap using Yoast SEO

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Submit Sitemap to Search Engines – SEO WordPress

In Submit Sitemap to Search Engines – SEO WordPress, l explain how to submit your sitemap to the most popular search engines, so that they know you exists, and will index your website.

Setup WordPress Caching and Minification the Right Way

In WordPress Caching and Minification – the Right Way, I explain how to setup WordPress caching, which creates static versions of your pages, so you can bypass the need to make complicated server requests each time a new page is requested.

Ping other Search Engines

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